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DT JEANS has established itself as the young contemporary denim lifestyle brand,
incorporating the original visions that have stemed from this country.
Inspired by the many facts of this dynamic and alluring country,
DT JEANS consistenty offers key styles in the collection that is within reach for real people.

CEO Hojeily brothers, launched DT JEANS in 2004 and had lead their team to provide the best quality, fit, and style in denim.
Originally known for the famous 5 fits for women, they understood that each person was an individual with specific needs and that niche in the market was unfulfilled. 2006 also witnessed the launch of MITSY for womens tops and shoes.

DT JEANS is available across LEBANON in all major cities.

DT Stores

DT Tripoli - 016445004
DT Kousba - 016510276
DT Dbayeh - 04410222
DT Zalka - 01895595
DT Dekweneh - 01485116
DT Ghazir - 76353577
DT Jbeil - 0545353
DT Mansouriye - 01696596
DT Furn el chebback - 01286444
DT Furn el chebback - 01288222
DT Zouk - 09222608
DT Zahle - 08814151